Warlock's Duel - a wizard battle of spells [free]


Warlock's Duel is a free turn based strategy game. Try your spell casting skills to out smart other players online (PvP) or in a single player
Two wizards duel in a slow paced battle of wits, casting magic spells at each other, bluffing and misleading each other ("Shadow casting").
Warlock spells are text words, where each word like 'SFW' (Summon Goblin) is a spell, and each letter marks a hand gesture ('S' for snap fingers).
Warlocks duel is also known as Spellbinder - the old strategy game that was published by Richard Bartle (1977) about a battle between two wizards (see Wikipedia
reference below), and is integrated with the desktop version Waving hands by Ravenblack.
This is an open source project, in beta, built by the community.Take your time
• Warlocks usually play only a few turns per day.
• For faster games you can play the single player mode, training against a bot, or play up to three PvP games at the same time.Features
• Training bot
• PvP games for 2 players, played in turns. Up to 3 games at the same time.
• 45 spells for summoning monsters, enchanting another wizard or monster, countering spells, poisoning and many more
• 100% Free, no ads, no in-app purchases
• Old game style, simple UI, text based
• Forum, tips and strategy discussions: https://slarty.proboards.com/
• Beginner tutorial: https://slarty.proboards.com/thread/944/tutorial-newbiesReferences
• Board game geek - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5818/waving-hands
• Complete rules, on board game geek - https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/99152/waving-hands-modernized
• Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spellbinder_(game)
Pictures provided: Manuele la Puca

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