Azan Singapore : Prayer time Singapore 2018 1.3.2 [free]


Azan Singapore is especially designed to indicate the accurate prayer times ( waktu solat ) for the majority of the cities of Singapore, this application can also:
- Indicates you the accurate Azan Singapore (Azan salat Singapore) .
- Reminder you before Azan salat with the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.
- Select or download your favorite Azan or Al-Moazin.
- Mute the sound of Azan by making a long click on the Volume button.
- Il can help you to find the Mosques near you with an accurate localization.
- A Compass is integrated to show the Qibla direction wherever you are!
- Times and rest time for next Azan on the bar of notifications
- View monthly prayer times with corresponding Hijri date is possible with azan Singapore.
- Possibility to adjust Adhan times manually
- More than 130 Quran reciters are available in Azan Singapore.
- Downloading mp3 Quran on your phone to listen without internet connection.
- Offers the different Duaa and Adkar (invocations) that the Moslim may need in his daily life.
- Automatic display of the Azkar (wake up, morning, evening and sleep Azkars).
- prayer time in Singapore

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