SamVaad 12 [free]


Today’s the world is digitalized and this online world has entered the daily lives of more and more citizens. With this, Financial Literacy has also become
as important in today's times as Digital Literacy. That is why both have become important competencies to ensure active citizenship and personal fulfillment. In this
respect, citizens who do not have the access and skills needed to use the internet are disadvantaged in many ways.
To fill this information gap, "SamVaad" has been introduced to impart functional skills on smartphones and thus the use of the mobile Internet in everyday life. The app
provides learning materials in various regional languages in the form of videos and manuals, designed for the rural population to learn financial planning programs.
Through this app, people are given information about financial literacy (Jaadu Ginni ka), delivered by Learning Link Foundation and NIIT Foundation, where they can learn how
to manage money in their daily lives and how to do financial planning. Users can learn it anywhere through the internet in their phones. The app also provides a toll-free
number wherein they can also give their feedback related to program and usage of the application.

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