Love & Diaries: Damon — Cooking love story 3.5.51 [free]


Between emotion and culinary competition, will you be able to make the right choices? Discover a new free visual novel story that combines romance and culinary
Passion and cooking! In this new adventure, you play as a rookie chef taking over the family restaurant. You try somehow to keep the star that your father took years to
acquire. But the trouble really begins when a famous chef of Italian origin, known for his ardor, his originality and his healthy cuisine, comes to settle... next door!
Between spy games in stoves and hard battle, will your heart be left of marble?
- Your own dialogue choices!
- Many dishes and desserts to discover throughout the game!
- Detailed backgrounds and a romantic comedy atmosphere!
- Ideal for reading at home or in transport!
- Regular episodic chapters for free!
Sharpen your recipes and start your story without waiting!

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  • 앱 이름: Love & Diaries: Damon — Cooking love story
  • 종류: 역할 놀이
  • 앱코드: com.tictales.lovediaries.damon
  • 버전: 3.5.51
  • 요구 사항: 4.1이상
  • 파일 크기 : 75.23 MB
  • 업데이트: 2019-04-15