Wild West: New Frontier 20.0 [free]


Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers! Play a free game set in the Wild West!
Build and run your own farm; it takes just 10 minutes a day to make the land prosper.
• Play with friends!
• Grow corn and rye, berries and fruit
• Raise and feed cows, chickens, and pigs
• Build the grill, bakery and summer kitchen—and get cooking!
• Sell goods from your farm at the best prices
• Open a mine and get gold and silver
• Unique 3D graphics
• Ability to chat with friends
• Camera rotation—inspect your farm from every angle!
On your farm, you can:
• Cultivate helpful plants
• Adopt and care for cute animals
• Construct an original farmscape
• Make dishes with produce you grew yourself, using recipes from the Old West
• Develop manufacturing to get wood, stone, gold and silver
The Wild West awaits you!
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  • 앱 이름: Wild West: New Frontier
  • 종류: 역할 놀이
  • 앱코드: com.socialquantum.west3dint
  • 버전: 20.0
  • 요구 사항: 4.4이상
  • 파일 크기 : 54.98 MB
  • 업데이트: 2018-08-17