Tusker - Partner App 2.4.2 [free]


Tusker Village Transportation provides an on-demand, reliable and affordable way to ship freight to and from rural markets. The Tusker Partner App
enables local transporters to become partners in this endeavor.
Tusker Partner App enable registered transporters to participate in auctions, organises their tasks, and tracks cash they collect. In-built ability to take pictures of
packages during pickup and drop, along with digital signatures and geotagging ensure the security of packages and reduces risks for transporters.
Tusker gives transporters more predictability to their earnings and allows them to take control of their working hours.Coverage:
Tusker’s area of operation currently covers all cities, towns, and villages in Dharwad district. Belagavi-city, Kittur, Saundatti-town, Nargund, Gadag-city, Lakshmeshwar,
Haveri-city, Mundgod-town, Alnawar, Haliyal, Dandeli and villages near these places. Tusker is expanding to adjoining areas rapidly. Call our toll free number to know when
service will be available in your area

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