AppLock 1.2.8 [free]


AppLock, Best Privacy Guard & AppLocker, is small yet smart AppLock app!
The most smart AppLock! Easy, fast and safe lock!
AppLock, safest & fastest AppLocker for Android devices, provides you 360°phone privacy and security!
Securely protects your private apps, messages, gallery with small yet powerful AppLock app password lock!
AppLock, your best app lock and gallery lock for Android, lock private apps, sensitive photos, secret videos, messages and more with password lock and pattern lock with
free applock for apps. AppLock, your best AppLocker & privacy guard, gives you real-time security protection. With AppLock privacy protection, your privacy is well
protected with pattern & password lock.
With AppLock, nobody can snoop around your private apps, gallery and messages except yourself. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard.
AppLock Main Features:
Application Lock: Secure your Android device and protect all your privacy with app lock protection feature. AppLock can lock apps, such as SMS, Contacts, Facebook, Fidget
Spinner, Gmail and any app you choose. AppLocker can lock photos Gallery and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends. To be your privacy guard!
Gallery Lock: Lock & Encrypt your Gallery and keep these pictures locked behind your pattern and password.
Lock Install: Lock the app market like Google Play Store in your phone to prevent children from buying unwanted apps and games.
Lock Incoming Calls: Prevent others to pick up your phone call
Customize AppLock Settings: Customize your applock settings according to your needs, such as lock new apps, notifying to make a lock when new apps installed on your
device, reset password, advanced protection
Pattern & Password Lock: AppLocker lock your apps with PIN Lock and Pattern Lock. Choose your favorite style to lock apps. Pattern lock is easier and faster to unlock.
PIN lock has random keyboard. Much safer for you to lock apps!
Highlights of Applock:
-App lock for all apps
-Lock apps with PIN lock & Pattern lock
-Lock any apps like system apps, photo lock, lock private gallery, downloaded apps and games
-Hide and encrypt pictures & videos by lock gallery or photo apps
-Lock new apps with apps lock
-Hide pattern draw path and be invisible. Unlock more secure
-Random password keyboard. Much safe to unlock apps
Incoming Features:
Break-in Alert: Catch intruders who tried to unlock your apps
AppLock Fake Cover: Disguise intruders with confused icons like Calculator, QR Code, Weather and more. Better protect your privacy.
Fingerprint Lock: Unlock safely and quickly, always
AppLock Theme: Stylish & beautiful applock theme to beautify and personalize your applock screen
AppLock uses Accessibility Service to save more battery power!
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  • 앱 이름: AppLock
  • 종류: 도구
  • 앱코드: com.fraumobi.applock
  • 버전: 1.2.8
  • 요구 사항: 4.0.3이상
  • 파일 크기 : 4.7 MB
  • 업데이트: 2018-05-15