Shadows - 3D Block Puzzle 1.7 [free]


Solve puzzles, improve your spatial intelligence and thinking in 3D while having fun.


- Rotate or move blocks to match the block shadows & the target shadow pattern (solve 3d puzzles).
- There's no time limit in block puzzles!
- No losing in block puzzles!
- Level 1: Rotate the horizontal block to vertical position and match its shadow with the target shadow.


- 72 colorful puzzles
- Only 15MB (fast download)
- Relaxing minimal music
- Possibility to use without internet


- Improves your spatial intelligence
- Enhances your thinking in 3D
- Improves your judgment ability
- Entertains
Do not hesitate to comment on the gameplay and the levels.


You can use notation abbreviations to record block moves/rotations and send them to your friends.
 Block Selection Buttons
- B: Blue block button
- P: Pink block button
- Y: Yellow block buttonRotation Buttons
- L: Left rotation button
- R: Right rotation button
- T: Top rotation buttonDirection Buttons
- TL: Top left movement button
- TR: Top right movement button
- BL: Bottom left movement button
- BR: Bottom right movement button
- U: Up button
- D: Down movement buttonSAMPLE NOTATION - Solution of Level 2:
- P:TL, P:TL, B:BR, B:BL, B:BL, P:BRFacebook:

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  • 종류: 두뇌게임 및 퍼즐
  • 앱코드: com.beyazay.shadows.blockpuzzle
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  • 업데이트: 2020-06-30