Cover: Auto NSFW Scan & Secure Private Gallery 2.5.47.fba7 [free]


Do you have sensitive content that is NSFW on your phone? Would you rather somebody didn’t accidentally stumble upon it?
Manually sorting through your pictures and videos can take hours – Cover quickly scans your phone, moving any content that is NSFW to a password locked gallery – without
breaking a sweat.Automatically scan your phone for sensitive images and videos
We time travelled centuries into the future to bring you some exciting new tech… Except we didn’t. But we do use a high-tech machine learning algorithm from the
present day to automatically scan the images and videos on your phone, automatically rating them for NSFW-ness.
The algorithm runs the scan in the background and classifies them as safe or not safe for work (NSFW). You can choose to be notified if Cover finds the content it’s
looking for – or not, if you want to keep it on the down low.… Then store them in an encrypted and secure gallery
Cover automatically locks your images and videos in a private gallery you can password protect. Our military-grade encrypted storage will ensure your pictures and videos
are locked and secure.
Ongoing protection means Cover will automatically hide your sensitive content in your secure gallery, keeping your phone “family friendly” and your pictures & videos
locked away.Swipe to sort through your Cover gallery
When Cover has quarantined your files, you can head to your Cover gallery and manually sort through your content. Swipe left to mark an image or video as safe, returning
it to your main gallery, swipe right to mark it as unsafe and keep it in your secure gallery. Decided you don’t even want the file anymore? Delete it with the push of a
-----------------------------Cover – Highlights
• Automatically scan your phone for sensitive content using a machine learning algorithm
• Hide & protect NSFW content in a secure, private gallery
• No internet access required
• Encrypted Storage
• Password protect your private Cover gallery
• Scan runs in the background so you can use your device as normal
• Choose whether or not to receive notifications if sensitive images or videos are found
• Sort through your secure gallery by swiping left, right or deleting content
• Ongoing protection continues to move potentially NSFW content to your private gallery
• Adjust the battery consumption of Cover in settingsSave yourself time. Save yourself embarrassment. Download Cover today!

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