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Belarus Newspapers is a best way of reading the most popular newspapers on Android.
Read all your newspapers and news sites online in one app.
You will find newspapers from all around the world.
TUT.BY Новости, Яндекс Новости, Хартия'97, Белорусский Партизан,, Наша Нiва, Интерфакс, БЕЛТА, Свободные новости, UDF.BY, Минск Новости, новости,
Белтэлерадыёкампанiя,, Комсомольская правда,, Беларусь Сегодня,,, Салiдарнасць,,, РБК, Рамблер, Лента, РИА Новости,
Вести, KP, Московский комсомолец, NEWS, Газета, Eurosport, Чемпионат,
.List of newspapers in your country
•Add more newspapers from any countries around the world
•Update newspapers
•Update categories
•Reorder newspapers
•Reorder categories
•Like article then read later
•Search article
•Share article
•Pull down to refresh
•Clear cache,clear images downloaded
•Change text size
•Save bandwidth by blocking images

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