FeeDog - Raising Puppies 2.0.7 [free]


FeeDog tells the dog that eats the dangerous food.
Feeding the dogs Let's watch the a variety of cute look!
# FeeDog's FaceBook : http://www.facebook.com/qssumstudio
# We makes Google Docs page for translation.
If you participate translation, We apply your support to the Feedog actively!
Thank you! We applied your help!
# How to Play FeeDog
Various Foods fly to Lucky's mouth!
- Lucky eats a food automatically.
- Your dog can hit a closest food by touching the screen.
Touched foods fly to a ghost.
- Bad foods damage to a ghost.
- But, Good foods heal to a ghost.
Ghosts are attack to Lucky after a certain period of time.
Please defeat the ghosts to gain a Star-Coin!
Shop makes your dog more powerful!
Powerful Lucky can beat a ghost easily.
# Game Tip!
- Combo increases chance to find StarCoins.
- Angel protects your miss only once.
# 'FeeDog' request permissions for save game data.
We do not use game server and do not use any user's information.

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