Story City 2.0.2 [free]


Why be a tourist when you can be a secret agent? Or run through the streets of a new city to escape a zombie apocalypse? Have you ever read a story and wish
you could be in it? Calling the shots, helping the good guys (or bad), choosing your adventure. Story City makes you the hero of your own story, giving you the chance to
take part in your own adventure in cities across Australia and the world.
Story City is a digital storytelling experience that puts you in the story. It combines fictional choose-your-adventure style stories with physical locations, allowing the
fantasy to become ‘real’! The Story City app and adventures are FREE to download and enjoy.
Rather than reading these adventures in the old-school ‘book’ format, you’ll be able to take part in the adventure via the Story City app on your smart phone or tablet. Then
you choose how you’re going to explore your city!
Each story starts at a particular location in the city it’s set and then branches off into dozens of different locations around the city (all within walking distance) and
which ones you visit will depend on the path you pick through the adventure.
When the app detects you are in the right location it unlocks the next part of the story. Each story happens in the location that you are standing and can be enjoyed by
listening to the narrated audio or reading the story on screen.
Will you explore Brisbane while running from a zombie apocalypse? Or how about cruising the Adelaide streets while solving a mystery? Or will you be pillaging the city
looking for pirate supplies?
It’s your adventure, so it’s up to you!
The city is full of adventures, choose yours.

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