⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – Fighters League ❤️ 2.0.27 [free]


Have you got the Golden Boot? Skills and speed? Lace up your sock puppet boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made for you.
Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re just here to have a great game of football! That’s what Puppet Soccer Champions 2014/2015 is all about…
⚽ More than 90 cartoon sock puppets
⚽ Over 30 football sock puppet teams
⚽ Silky skilful gameplay
⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode
⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device
⚽ Climb the league season 2017/2018
⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goals
Pick your team, play as your favorite sock puppet and score as many sneijder goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul—it’s all here. Play in single player mode or team
up with a friend for the awesome 2-player mode.
Game is completely customizable – 4 different control options to make sure the user experience is the best. Destroy your opponent with precise kicks. Change your tactics
from defense sneijder style to winger sneijder all at the same time…
Compete in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for free diamonds and get free sneijder cards in shop every 8 hours from special sale offer.
Let us know if you wish any new sock puppet sneijder or visit NOXGAMES.
Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2017

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  • 앱 이름: ⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – Fighters League ❤️
  • 종류: 건강/운동
  • 앱코드: air.com.noxgames.PuppetSoccerChampions
  • 버전: 2.0.27
  • 요구 사항: 4.1이상
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  • 업데이트: 2019-06-05